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PAC projects and PTh projects and DE projects and PUZ projects and PAD projects and construction projects and resistance projects and school projects and blocks of flats projects and mansion neighborhood projects and blocks of flats neighborhood projects.

Description of the firm

S.C. Geografic S.R.L. was founded in 2000, having 3 main activity domains:
1. Project designing, Expertise implementing and Project Checking for metal, concrete and wood constructions in the following constructions domains: civil, industrial, agrotehnical, zootechnical, telecommunications, energetic, town related, joint administration, mining, lifting device and cable transport;
2. Tourism and tourist assistance activities;
3. Bookkeeping service

Firm evolution: given the seriousness and professionalism that we have shown, the firm imposed itself on the project design companies' market, following an ascending line due to the numeric increase of done works and mostly due to the bigger and more important done projects, also having experienced an increase of staff.

What gave us recognition on the market is the fact that we turn everyone's dream to reality using a minimum of materials and the newest technology, so that clients don't pay for materials in excess. Some project designers will say "more is better than less", we on the other hand make exact calculations where the necessary amount of materials is concerned. In this way clients are satisfied when seeing their dream building done, their budget not exceeded (on the contrary, sometimes they discover that they will afford elements that they initially thought as being overbudget) and economy made. We can only feel happy to see our beneficiaries' satisfaction, their forehead wrinkles disappearing, their eyes glowing of content and their smile back on their faces.

"Representative works" are difficult to choose as each work has its importance, both for the client as well as for us. Of the bigger works, we could enumerate the ones done for firms such as:

and these are only a few of the ample works designed by us, still all works have their own "size" and importance, hence naming all of them is a difficult thing to do.

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